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Originally Posted by debo View Post
Pfft. You didn't even mention buying a lantern.
A newbie couldn't possibly know about the classic "1. Buy Lantern 2. Kill Morgoth." That joke is from the 2.x era. In 3.x, the general store stopped carrying lanterns.

Originally Posted by Pete Mack
Plasma hounds, which WILL get you if you use teleport self regularly after CL 50.
I'll never forget my first encounter with those guys. I was playing something like a half-troll warrior, and had been able to kick the ass of all the low-level hounds at their initial depths; the plasmas were the first high-level hounds I ever saw. "Another pack of hounds? Kill them first so they don't wake up something dangerous with their beaths." *Wades into melee* *Immediately disintegrated by a half-dozen plasma breaths*

Originally Posted by Holy_Rage
14) Establishing Line of Sight can be a blessing and a cause of utter doom at the same time. Make sure that the creature facing you is not a caster or has breath/ranged abilities. If so, when in doubt, seek to break LoS at all costs.
Another important reason for tracking whether your foes have ranged attacks is phase door. In a battle that you deem worth fighting against melee monsters, phase door (either the spell or a large stack of scrolls) is a good way to keep from being surrounded; it's a semi-reliable way to buy yourself time to quaff lower-level healing potions without having your gains immediately reversed by fresh monster attacks, thus letting you conserve rarer potions for more desperate situations; and it can be combined with recall for a risky-but-feasible desperation escape if you've been so foolish as to get into trouble without a better option. If the foes have ranged attacks, none of this is possible. Especially not in cases where the ranged attack is worse than the melee (high-level hounds, dragons, etc.). But it's still true that most of the monsters (especially in the early-to-midgame) are melee-only, so it's worth always carrying that big stack of phase door scrolls, at least until you've reached a level as a caster-class where the mana cost of the spell is trivial and the fail-rate is zero/minimal.

Originally Posted by Holy_Rage
17) My house, my castle, my pantry. Stocking the right stuff as you find them is apparently crucial. Sources of Banishment, *Destruction*, *Healing* are clearly a must for the discerning hoarder.
Yes. Also be sure to stockpile speed potions (keeping either a staff of speed or a tithe of the total stock on hand for emergencies). If you're a caster, stockpile mana potions similarly. Likewise any attacking consumables that you might need for the endgame (wands of annihilation for mage, holy might arrows for ranger, etc.). But don't bother stockpiling the latter unless you're in a class that needs it; on rare occasions, a warrior who finds a really good launcher and a stack of suitable holy might projectiles will take on Morgoth at range, but until you find that lucky launcher, assume that you're prepping for a melee battle.

Don't be tempted to stockpile huge supplies of weapons (or if you do, make these the first things to toss when you run out of space). Store one weapon of the category "I can't wield this effectively yet, but it will be much better than my current item once I max str and dex" (and, in the early game, possibly an additional midgame weapon or two, for swapping purposes while in the stat-gain phase), and toss anything that's not as good. Storing swap equipment in other categories can be useful as a way to get around the "I found this great artifact but can't equip it without leaving a resistance hole" problem, but unless you are playing mage or ranger, your melee weapon is your primary killing machine, and any abilities that it may have that don't increase its actual damage are irrelevant. Thus, there is no reason to ever store a half dozen different ego weapons.

Originally Posted by Holy_Rage
19) Save often when playing online. Pray all the time (applies to both online and offline mode!)
Praying probably won't help. But it can't hurt either, unless you start playing NetHack instead of Angband. So I guess it's worth a shot.
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