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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Having a big light radius is a substantial quality of life improvement for everyone that isn't a necromancer. It's like ESP but available earlier, works on mindless enemies, and (of course) shorter-ranged. It's not essential, but I'm not convinced that we should remove it from artifacts just to give necromancers an easier time. Especially since it's an established thing in Tolkein that magical equipment glows.
I think the problem, though, is that it was handed out as a universally good thing for a lot of artifacts. I think it could easily be removed from several artifacts; if we're talking thematically, Sting, Orcrist and Glamdring were only meant to glow when orcs were nearby, and I don't think we're thinking of implementing that. Similarly, there are things like the whip of Gothmog which gets +1 light and could happily get -1 light.
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