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Gwarl will become famous soon enough
I'm working on one at present. 'Starband'. Long way off a playable 0.0.1 yet but it's coming

Here's a teaser:

The Imperial Battlefleet maintains a supremacy in interstellar warfare so unrivalled that all human worlds must remain under her protection or risk succumbing to the unnumbered calamities that may befall an abandoned world.

Prioritisation for the defense of citizens is ultimately conducted according to needs and interests far abstracted from concerns for the citizens themselves. At a basic level an unprofitable world is by laws of economics, upon which grand ethical dilemmas are often solved, a detriment to Empire, and beneath the expression of movement of such a hand to effectively preserve or destroy. However such trifles are often swept aside in the grand scheme of Galactic politics, whereby profitable worlds may become abandoned along with an entire tempoprarily problematic Galactic wing.

Abandonment does not cease the progress of human activity on a planet. But it becomes subject to exospecies interference. Worlds have become destroyed, corrupted or worse once exposed to the alien forces beyond the interstellar void. Some quickly, others slowly - terrestrial means of defense are available to the populations who endeavour to survive without Battlefleet protection.

Occassionally, a world will thrive under alien assault as valuable components, technologies and opportunities for scientific study not found on protected worlds enter the economies of a planet under siege. In such cases, political shifts are less likely to bring a world back under Battlefleet protection, and it becomes a designated frontier world. Financial incentives are provided by means of credit loans by which destitute citizens become indentured as bounty hunters following the debt incurred by transfer to a frontier world, an occupation de facto open to any native inhabitants who could not or would not take an off-world warp jet once the Battlefleet's superdestroyers left orbit.

Imperial presence in frontier worlds is typically limited to a single fortified palace compound where transaction between wholesale scrap dealers and artifact merchants are conducted with the Imperial representatives, along with a dead matter warp-station for the off-world transport of the goods. Existing political and governance structures typically survive abandonment, but measures of lawlessness and unrest invariably rise in the wake of the decision. Planetary laws may be sprodically enforced, and entire multicities of several billions may be overrun with mercenaries, scavengers, and gang rule.
There are some questions of IP vs non-IP/original content that I'm still brooding over.for example I think I want daleks that are actual daleks called daleks but I find zerg and tyranids inappropriate, pseudo-arachnids unwieldy, and selenites unsuitable for warfare, so we may end up with 'Ceratids' instead of anything recogniseable.
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