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Gwarl will become famous soon enough
Like I say, a long way off.. I would check back in March or so next year.

I will say that part of creating this variant will involve reading a lot of sci fi novels. Last week I managed three in three days.

Angband celebrates the work of Tolkein, Zangband celebrates the writing of various fantasy authors (i.e. Zelazny and Moorcock), steamband draws from (and actually includes excerpts from) Victorian literature, particularly HG Wells and Jules Verne.

I've previously read Asimov's Foundation series and (parts of the) Robot series, and I'm well steeped in Duneiverse lore despite having only read one of the actual novels (and am shying away from the Dune setting as being a little too detailed and encompassing), but I have a hit list of authors for source material and inspiration, in no particular order:

Harry Harrison
Jack Vance
John Brunner
Arthur C Clarke
Roger Zelazny (I much prefer his sci-fi writing)
Robert Heinlein
Philip K Dick

And maybe others. For source material I'm deliberately sticking to an anachronistic, pre-Gibson vision of the future where faster than light travel was invented before the smartphone, and then make the connecting glue out of ideas more palatable to a modern mind with floating scraps of 90's kitsch (cyborgs, hacking, night vision goggles and glowing banks of computer terminals).

I think source material wise we're going with literature up to around the 70s, but points to consider are also 80s movie (mostly starring Arnie - Total Recall, Predator, Terminator...) and early 90's games (Doom, X-Com). Referencing other games seems a faux pas but Doom is special..

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