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What RL has original dungeons, quest systems and advanced AI?

Hi, I’m curious gamer and would like to hear from experienced roguelike players. Please share your knowledge!

Here is a short introduction to give you the context. I started playing Sil a year ago. Then I tried Brogue and started to look at different variants like Angband and DCSS. I also tried briefly different games like Nethack, Caves of Qud, NppAngband, ToME 2.x, Cardinal Quest to name a few.

I’m interested in the RL for the fun of exploring the game world and it’s mechanics. It’s great to see how the game genre evolved and how each one has added features to make it fun/original.

I now play Unangband and found it perfect for my taste. It’s a fantasy setting, beautiful ascii layout (colorfull, original), often surprises by the game: corpes, animated limbs, room description, wilderness zone, connected map, seems serious with Tolkien lore. The sense of exploration is great. In a sense, ToME could be perfect too, but I have not invested time in it.

I’m looking for RL references that have the old-school feeling (ascii, turn-based) instead of modern roguelite (a la Minecraft).

In your experience, which roguelikes have the most interesting dungeons generation?

For example, I really like Unangband dungeons generation. The dungeon corridors and rooms are varied. I find the ASCII layout colorful and rooms seems to have more personalities (description, objects spawn in the room fir the description, there is object placements that fit the room)

I’m interested to see a RL with a quest systems (with goals/reward XP)

Beside the end game quest like in Sil where you have to steal something or other Angband where you have to kill Smaug or Morgot, which RL have a quest system (similar to ToME 2.x)?


I’ll define a good basic AI that I enjoy in a RL. It has melee/range attack, sleeping, fear behavior (running away). Then, other RL must have added more advanced AI. Do you know which one and what they added to the AI to make it interesting/challenging?

I thought Sil had fun AI that seems to work in group. Any examples would be great to read.

Thanks for your advices!
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