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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Also, LOL at ToME 4 being "not a roguelike". Let's face it, that term as used by roguelike oldies is basically only for gatekeeping these days, which is bad and dumb. "Roguelike" now means any number of things that would doubtless horrify you, but that's language for you, it changes with the times. I believe the du jour phrase for what you might be thinking of is "traditional roguelike".
Well chastised and I agree. Been playing Roguelikes since, well, Rogue. Back before color and lowercase. LOL (26 monsters and 26 dungeon levels, and 10 million deaths)
So I admit to being a bit mired in tradition.

edit: I remember when Hengband came out how radical it was and how some 'traditionalists' raged at it.

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