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Thanks for the references. I think I will continue to post in the forum to better know the RL variants from people who play them. I'm curious to know what people like about *PostChengBand or FAangband. I don't have the time to play them up Lv100 to know them better!

ToME 4: Thanks, I will check it one day. I'm never sure about this one.

Caves: Now, I need to get interested in their *gamma*/*dune* world. That seems harder than looking at ASCII characters for me!

PosChengband: Thanks. I have check it yesterday based on your recommendation. I'm now searching for info on PosCheng or FrogComPos.. what are the *big* differences.


Zorbus: Nice reference. I would be interested in trying that out. I've downloaded it and the first thing that impressed me was the dungeon l

ultima-ratio-regum: Wow. That look huge and scary! Not sure how the free form adventuring will hold on with me. One think that RL are great at is that when the game starts, the combat kicks-in and you know what to do. Will check that one out.

FAangband: will tried it.
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