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Loaded for Bear

So I am playing a Half-Elven Ranger who feels like he is just about ready for the bigs.

I'd love to get the con up a few more points for more HP and I'd like better (more?) arrows and some banishment (Celeborn could give me that).

I'm not sure what resists I really need for the last fights. The one time I got there, Sauron summoned Gothmog who breathed fire and killed me (At least I know that exact scenario won't happen again Wiruin has killed my other two deep elite characters. Once I got lazy because I had telepathy. The other time, I was greedy in a vault and just should have walked away.

I'd welcome any advice on armor/weapon choice and whether I'm ready for the big show

Serenity vs Iron Crown of Might is my big tussle (sound, rConf, RStun vs +3 Con and sustain Str, Dex, Con)
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