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Crown of Might is most definitely better than Serenity as long as you're going to do ranger things and shoot with Belthrondig. Pack up all the Constitution, you're not going to melee either Sauron or Morgoth. Resistance to stunning and confusion are not top priority as long as you're shooting.

One thing about endgame fights:
I do not know if you are familiar with hockey-stick targeting. It is essential for a ranger if you want easier fight. If Morgoth can see you most of the time during the fight, we have a problem. You have not prepared for his summons. As many Banishment and Mass Banishment scrolls you can gather, should be saved for Morgoth fight. Sauron summons too but he's not as crazy with his summons as Morgy. Unique summons are something you can only deal with Teleport Other or Destruction.
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