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Originally Posted by chem View Post
I notice that I can't seem to search to hidden doors or traps. How does that work now or what was that replaced with?
Traps you have one chance to notice, dependent on your searching skill, when you first see the grid that they are on. Hidden doors are always seen when you step next to them.

Originally Posted by chem View Post
Any other super big but not immediately explained changes I should be aware of?
Probably ID is the big one. Magical ID of scrolls, rods, etc is gone (along with potions of Death ); you have to use these or sell/give them to the shops to ID them. There is a scroll (and spell for mages) called Identify Rune which will identify an unknown property ("rune") on a wearable item, and once you know a rune you will always recognise it on new gear. Runes can be learned by experience too.
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