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a few considerations;

Gothmog is reasonably easy to kill, and it's one unique which you shouldn't leave alive for the end fights. He's a demon, which means there will be many weapons which do over 700 dmg (or more) to him. Immunity to fire is good, and a scroll of Banishment to send away the "U" he summons is also a good idea.

regardless, when you fight sauron (or other summoners), if they summon another major unique, your first task is to teleport them away. the really dangerous stuff is Vecna, Ulmo, Ariel, the Tarrasque, Kronos, all the strong breathers / those who cast Mana Storm / Dragon and Undead summoners.

Also .. using very rough calculations, your ranger has 3 shots base. with beltrondig you shoot 4 shots at 3x.
With a longbow of lothlorien you can do 3 shots at 5x, does more damage and uses less ammo.

Like i said, i'm not a fan of the standart artifact set, as you got too many holes in your defenses; a single chaos breath can kill you, you dont have pConf, Ulmo is a strong Nether breather, and so on.

For Morgoth, the Glaive of Pain is your highest damage.
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