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Thank you all

For a while I had all of the resists covered except for rChaos (and ESP

But I didn't have enough hitpoints. I swapped armor trading resists for Con/sustain stat. Now I lack rSound rShard, rNether, rChaos and pConf and pStun - but I sustain all and have almost 1000 HP.

At this point in time, we have 15 CCW, 6 Heal, 8 *Heal*, 2 Life, 1 Banish, 5 Mass Banish, 3 *Destruction*, armor that activates for Banish and 2 staves of *Destruction* (which will probably get used once at the start and then converted to arrows

I hadn't thought about finding a better bow. But you're probably right. This @ has yet to find a Lothlorien bow. It has two rings of power now (Nenya and Vilya) but for speed reasons should probably only wield one. (probably Nenya for susWis)

I have a Mace of Disruption of *Slay Evil* (+12,+13) that does 522.5 vs Evil as my primary weapon, but the plan is to try and use arrows as much as possible

Oh and Gothmog who killed my last @ while trying to face Sauron, is quite dead now - thank you
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