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Wishlist and bug

I just played through the 1626 beta (a warrior winner...yay) and wrote down some things I noticed along the way. Apologies if some are no longer relevant to the current nightlies:

This, I think, qualifies as a bug:


In a vault, where # is a permanent wall and D is a Death Drake, the drake stayed tucked around the corner from me, instead of pathfinding 2 steps south and breathing nether all over me. Monsters that pass through walls should use their own variant of path-finding which only acknowledges perm-walls as obstacles, rather than just naively running straight at the player and getting stuck in situations like this.

The rest are more "why not..."
-have the HP warning default to on at, say, 30%
-jelly pits are really annoying and should not contribute to level feelings
-defenders are waaaaaaaay over-valued in stores. They don't provide offense, and the defense they provide is too widely available to justify such high pricing (or really using one at all). Perhaps if they had rPoison?
-branding rings -- no separate "Your ring sizzles!" message w/ each hit!
-warriors should get a bonus in the blows formula that lets them get 6 hits with any weapon other classes can get 5 with. It seems silly that a warrior can do more damage with a Zwiehander (6 hits) than other classes, but not with a Scythe of Slicing (5 hits).
-basilisks breathe gas...should they get rPoison?
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