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Originally Posted by Marble Dice View Post
I love defenders on mages, and sometimes on rangers or priests depending on the timing of the find. Magnate might adjust their power rating when he gets around to slot-specific power levels?
Funnily enough, I spent quite a long time making sure Defenders weren't too cheap, back when power-based pricing came in. Defenders are pretty good for classes who can kill with spells or archery - but of course everything in this game is interconnected, so rebalancing archery damage will reduce their value, and rebalancing spell damage will increase it ...

I'm not currently sure that Defenders ought to reduce in value from slot-dependent power, but I might change my mind ...
I play with auto-more and a messages window, but that's because excessively spacing through -more- prompts is pretty annoying.
I too got annoyed by the ring messages, and fixed them in r1800 so that they just show up once (when you first notice the effect, i.e. when you first wield the item).
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