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Bug (possible) with rating for OOD objects in r2038

I noticed that you get a lot of good feelings etc nowadays and checked out what caused this. Apparently (if I'm not wrong) an objects level (first number after "W:" in object.txt) is not only used for determining difficulty to use wands, staffs and rods, but also for determining out of depth.

What this means is (for instance) that !rMana that start appearing at L15 (A:80:15 to 100) have a level for determining OOD of 25. This means that level-feelings get an enormous boost due to the fact that several objects are common before becoming OOD with this calculation.

I guess this was an unintentional (recent?) change. If you want to keep the levels for device failures etc, you could always use the allocation min-depth for OOD ratings. Or you could just revert the behaviour a bit and make the W-entry equal the min-allocation one.

As said, I might just understand how this works wrongly and/or this might be intentional.

I'll make a ticket for this one as well.

Edit: One other thing I've been wondering about is why it's so common with max level for allocation often set to 100 instead of 127. I never play after winning, but I do know that some do and I can't see the reason for setting the default max level at 100. This unless I misunderstands how this works of course.
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