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Thanks for the detailed feedback, and glad you are generally happy. Please rest assured that the pricing of speed items is a known problem: I have tried many tweaks over the last couple of years and nothing has quite solved it. I am going to try a complete rewrite when I get time (hopefully xmas) to address this and other power-related issues.

That speed items are also too common is a separate but related issue. The code needs to settle down a bit before we can do serious balancing work on generation probs.

I hate shopping so I will skip the BM point - no strong views either way.

The elemental rings are good ... but as you state in your post, you are using up two inv slots to carry the =Acid and =Fire to guarantee your multipliers (and/or are not wearing two rings of CON, damage, speed etc.). Ring slots and inv slots are precious, and the game is all about making you choose what to wear/carry. I think branding rings are here to stay, but your feedback about making them deeper and rarer is useful.

Thanks again.
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