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Originally Posted by debo View Post
I seem to remember Thunderfist also being OK if you weren't going to get max blows with some of the other insane things. I still haven't ever found Deathwreaker
Thunderfist has double-brand. That makes it very good general weapon, but it doesn't have slay evil which makes it to lose to many others for endgame.

Trident of Wrath used to be very good for spellcasters when it still was very heavy, but now that it is light weapon it has lost the appeal it used to have.

Aule is great for priests, but I hate Aule being "great hammer" which whole existence as base weapon IMO is a bug. No weapon should have no variation from dice damage. 18d1 is not the same thing as 9d3.

Eonwe is also very good weapon because of immunity and stat-boosts. I don't understand though why it got its dice boosted for 3.x versions. 4d4 was plenty good for that kind of weapon.

Eorlingas is a good weapon now that you can actually get max blows with it. 3d8+21 with slay evil and stat-boosts & +2 to speed makes it one of the best weapons in the game. With criticals against evil it gets very close same damage as Pain. In old versions it was junk weapon, not because of bad stats, but because it was too heavy to use.
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