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Originally Posted by Fendell Orcbane View Post
Ringil. I think with the +10 speed its pretty much the best weapon in the game. I had 50+ speed with my most recent winner. and Ringil was a big part of that. Although some other weapons cause more damage per round, that +10 speed boost always you to get another round on most monsters in V since not too many monsters go past +20, unlike other variants. So for V I'd say Ringil trumps even the Glave of Pain. But if you were playing NPP or FA that would be more open for debate, since a lot of high lvl monsters are at +20
I've recently found a bunch of speed items so I'm base +26 speed with my melee swaps, so a haste spell puts that to +36 with GoP. 423 w/GoP, 286 Anguirel (max, 208 low), 315 Anduril (max, 216 low). It pains me to leave Anduril on the floor, but 200 hp/round avg difference says I should. Bah, I'll take Anduril home actually, Anguirel maybe too. It's good to have an aggravating swap to lure monsters out into a prepared location, but I have Gothmog's whip for that once I break the curse, plus imm fire. Red dragon pits, here I come!
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