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Originally Posted by bio_hazard View Post
I've been on an Angband kick recently (since 3.5 came out), but I'll go for a better part of a year without playing, and when I do I'm often just playing in short sessions. In the latest tries I can usually get to >2000 feet when monsters with exotic attacks start to show up and I wouldn't always know to watch out. I'm playing with monster info on now so we'll see if I remember to actually use it when I need to.

Sometimes I press my luck too much. Also, I think I just enjoy the process of playing the game as much as necessarily beating it so I don't get too invested in any characters.
Well 3.5 might be great for you, because it feels a lot quicker than any other version that I've played. Just dive, always be detecting or get ESP asap if you play warriors and you will be golden.
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