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id-on-sight is a very significant change and i don't think you'll find much traction here. i would lobby for id-on-use though. it's pretty much what you get in practice without the ridiculous edge cases (no need to wait 100 turns next to a worm or a spider so it poisons you and you can id !slow poison for xp, bashing doors so you can get stunned to id clarity, farming slowing or blinding traps, weird food thingies not id-ing unless you cross a satiation threshold, etc). the only things that wouldn't work are never-cursed, equippable items like hunger, blight, winter's chill, but those are not very well-designed to start with (as opposed to e.g. treachery or the cursed weapon egos).

you might want to try marvinpa-sil sometime, it does alleviate some of these things (no perception checks, artefacts always id, a few more consumables id on use, and lore-keeper is a bit more useful). very late edit: haha i forgot to mention monster recall; i would *refuse* to play without that.

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