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Originally Posted by absolutego View Post
the only things that wouldn't work are never-cursed, equippable items like hunger, blight, winter's chill, but those are not very well-designed to start with (as opposed to e.g. treachery or the cursed weapon egos).
+1. Actually I think only Winter's Chill wouldn't be affected (out of serpent/frost troll depth) - Hunger is easily ID'd by going down a hunger level whilst wearing it (ditto sustenance items) and carrying around poison potions in order to test unknown armors for Blight works as inventory space allows.

The only items that are hard to use-ID as long as you know the tricks to it are +0 stat jewelry, adornment, cold/fire affecting items (since the monsters they protect from are generally best left alone) and Staffs (unless you don't mind setting up ridiculously elaborate situations that is - then again the only -important- staffs that don't auto-ID are Sanctity and arguably Freedom; the rest can wait until knowledge), and there are more than enough knowledge charges to go around for those.

I have mentioned this before but the ID system gets quite formulaic after a few playthroughs; It does add some space tension for the inventory but that's about it really. I could stand to see it go as well.

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