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Originally Posted by intently View Post
It would be more psychologically pleasing if light weight items were shown with to-hit and evade bonuses rather than showing heavy items with to-hit and evade penalties, even if the net result were the same as now.

So I know this change might introduce other problems But one of the things I like least about the gear selection is how everything has penalties. Putting on new gear should make you feel awesome, not ambivalent. Trade-offs make for compelling game-play, but you should trade-off benefits against each other, not penalties.

For example, here are some armors now:

Leather Armor [-1,1d4]
Mail Corslet (-1) [-3,2d4]
And here's how it would look with my proposed change:

Robe (+1) [+3]
Leather Armor (+1) [+2,1d4]
Mail Corslet [0,2d4]
Obviously this change would mean that a character would hit and evade better while wearing a robe than while naked, which isn't very realistic... however, no one walks around with empty gear slots anyway except at the very beginning of the game.
Boots and cloaks are already pure-upside like this.

I dunno, it seems really weird to me that putting on a heavy mail corslet should give you +1 to evasion just because it's lighter than a hauberk which would give you +0. Even if you made it mechanically equivalent (possibly by allowing the player to start the game with a set of ordinary clothing), I think it would hurt the flavor more than it would help the psychological aspects.

I might be in favor of giving all body-armor +1 to evasion, so that Robes would have equivalent stats to Cloaks, and then Leather Armor, at least, would be all-upside. You could balance this pretty well by giving all monsters outside the first 150' a +1 to hit.

You might also give all handwear +1 accuracy, and then you wouldn't have any weird items that didn't do anything (except Crowns I guess, but those are supposed to be ornamental). Again, you'd have to balance it by increasing enemy evasion.

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