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Originally Posted by taptap View Post
Why would you for a "flavour"-change tremendously unbalance the game and make early smithing a required pick? What is the point of that apart from seeing higher numbers in the game?
I agree, my proposed change is messy... it was meant mostly as an example. I agree that it wouldn't be good game design.

My overall point is that it is less fun to trade off penalties than to trade off bonuses. I'd rather choose between [+2,1d4] and [+0,2d5] than between [-1,1d4] and [-3,2d5], even though the choices are functionally equivalent.

From a game design perspective, penalties on gear or skills should be rare and should be used to balance out exceptionally powerful abilities. This isn't realistic, but it makes for a better player experience. In order to create trade-offs for the player without having penalties everywhere, you can "simply" scale your bonuses to make the penalties "invisible".
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