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I would be interested in the FOUND statistics as well. Some artefacts are easily missed.
i guess you mean "identified"? if so that's moot because in mpa-sil all artefacts id on sight. (the logs include a "found" flag; all that means is that you've seen it, as opposed to generated in a level but unseen).

absolutego: do you have an easy way to check how many 0/67 entries are missing at the bottom of your table? The only one I can spot is the Mithril Corslet 'Starlight'.
not really. there are 93 entries in artefact.txt (eliminating duplicates and debugging stuff) and 93 entries in the list above. since starlight is indeed missing, i guess you took one artefact out relatively recently? that'd be all then. (unless i messed up somewhere.)
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