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Bring back song of slaying

This is a regular Noldor

and this is a super Noldor (!quickness)

And this is a Noldor that has ascended past a super Noldor (!Quickness !Strength !dexterity !constitution !Grace !elemental resistence)

AND THIS IS TO GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND ( !Quickness !Strength !dexterity !constitution !Grace !elemental resistance, Song of slaying, Song of Sharpness)

(sadly can't embed for some reason?

Ok silly intro aside the throne room was probably the best part of sil 1.3 compared to Sil-Q. Fighting morgoth normally would be impossible, but with the craziness of spending every consumable and using the 2 throne room only abilities (Song of slaying and Rapid attack) one could actually do it. The issue was that song of slaying was useless outside of the throne room.

Proposed Song

Song of Tulkas

Gain Song/6 To hit and gain +1 to hit for each kill up to a maximum of Song, lose 1 to hit every Song/4 turns

This way you get some benefit as long as you have at least 6 song, so it isn't useless outside of the throne room, but inside of the throne room, you can still get a (lesser) version of the go even further beyond effect. Because it's way more fun to go ssj4 in the center of the throne room and lay waste to the throne room against hordes of enemies that not moments ago you were totally afraid of.

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