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DF is the it's incredibly difficult
DF is very easy and difficult in the same time. It is easy beacuse nothing is tight management, e.g. just ONE dwarf worker can supply 200 dwarves living (at least with trade, it will also be a lot of extra luxury), ONE top quality soldier (you will need 3 or 4 since they tend to sleep then they are needed) can kill any amount of goblins, kill megabeasts, etc.
Also dwarves need very little to survive and be happy, e.g. you dont even have to give any dwarf a bed, just a dormitory with e.g. 1/4 of your population size beds will work.
This was an easy part.
Hard part is that there are also infinite things, you can do, and eventually you will want to, e.g. have that nice artificial water fall (or lava falls) all other the map, and such things, while not hard to do may be fatal if a single mistake is done.

In short it is easy to make self sustained, invulnerable fort without any special luxury. But it is very hard to be satisfyed with such a fort.

In DF it is hard to win but even harder to loose (if you consider your fortress, not dwarves)
Dwarves will die anyway. Personally I like reclaim fortress mode (visit is as an adventurer first)
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