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Originally Posted by Voovus View Post
It's a bit late, but would still like to raise an objection. The Moria/Angband universe is now a generation old and occupies a legendary place in the annals of @-kind.
I agree, on the whole. I'm not trying to go against Moria/Angband tradition just for the hell of it, but when it seems like it jars with Tolkien legend.

Originally Posted by Voovus View Post
I would not like to see half-elf, gnome and half-troll go from Vanilla.
If you look at my original post, I was actually intending to keep half-orcs and half-trolls, and was prepared to be convinced about half-elves.

Originally Posted by Voovus View Post
In fact, I'd rather see some things renamed back to the original. I miss my Mage's Guide to Power.
Was that a Moria book? Re-using old non-jarring names seems like a good idea.
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