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That's basically the painfully slow instakill-avoider that Derakon mentioned, except that it's not buff enough for the actual not getting instakilled part.

Since the painfully slow approach is essentially all about getting your HP up early, see if you can get your CON up; most immediately, by replacing one of your rings with the +4 CON ring like Philip said; though really you want your CON much higher even than that. Your equipment isn't bad for the depth, but it is bad for that combination of depth, clvl and painful slowness - probably because you haven't cleared enough vaults, either that or you've been really really unlucky.

(The other thing you really need more of, in addition to CON, is speed; and at that depth, both +CON items and speed items are most likely to be found in vaults.)

Note that by "needs CON" I mean "your approach needs more CON" and not "your character needs more CON". A lot of people would feel comfortable going much deeper on that character, without any additional CON (or indeed with less CON than you have); which explains the calls for change of approach. (Though as Philip said, even then, swap in the CON ring.)
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