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Right, so when it's about 12 squares away, that gives you about 6 turns, since Nether Ws are fast. One use for those 6 turns is to find a room and then shoot ranged stuff once it gets out of the wall (if that is enough to kill it). Best bet is walking towards a room and then using phase door to get away from the W and hopefully into a room. Phasing into rooms is easy, phasing into corridors is hard.
If that isn't possible for whatever reason, use spells to prepare for the fight, as you did, but this time, say, try to caste Haste Self, which doubles your damage output and improves your manoeuvrability and gives you more time to react to situations as they arise (Shield is a waste of time or sp in almost any situation). Try to figure out whether you're better off trying to pick a melee fight or an arrow/magic fight. If you want to use ranged, lure the W out of the wall by walking away from it (it will follow you into the corridor) and then you can blast it with spells or arrows. Never fear using a ?Phase to reposition, it'll give you at least a little bit of time.
Another use of those 6 turns is to use whatever spell in Mordenkainen is convenient - you have enough time to run through your mana trying, and your INT is high, so just reroll the level with Teleport Level.
You only used two turns to prepare before the fight - I imagine you are losing turns somewhere you weren't thinking about. Every turn should leave you in a better place than the last. Phase a lot.
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