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I'm sorry, I seem to have been unclear here. I'm not advocating for wholesale change to how objects are valued - the current algorithm is pretty good. The aspects of the power calculations relevant (IMO) here are:
  1. The power calculations lack clarity. There are a lot of judgments made on the value of various things within the code itself.
  2. The monster power calculation is used for two things: re-balancing the monster list, and evaluating the power of slays and brands on objects. Re-balancing the monster list is not actually used for anything, and a part of what I'm suggesting here is that it is better done by hand. The issue of slays and brands is my next point.
  3. The object power algorithm is currently fairly clear, although putting all the parameters in one place and clearly labeling them would improve it. It calculates an attack power for weapons, and then gives weights to other powers like AC, resists, stat bonuses, etc. Most of these are straightforward, with values set by making a judgment. The exceptions to this are slays and brands, which have their value calculated by a big calculation of their effectiveness against every monster in the monster list, weighted by monster power.

What I would like to do, then is
  1. Replace the current slay/brand calculation with a simple weight system. While I like the attempt at accuracy, it doesn't really fit with the heuristic nature of the rest of the calculation - it's like weighing a basket of fruit by getting a precise weight for the grape, and then using average values for all the bananas, melons, etc.
  2. Since it is now unused, remove the monster power calculation.
  3. Clarify further what parameters are being used and where in the object power calculation, to make rebalancing easier.

The added bonus I haven't mentioned here is that this allows us to throw away several hundred lines of code
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