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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
What I would like to do, then is
  1. Replace the current slay/brand calculation with a simple weight system. While I like the attempt at accuracy, it doesn't really fit with the heuristic nature of the rest of the calculation - it's like weighing a basket of fruit by getting a precise weight for the grape, and then using average values for all the bananas, melons, etc.
  2. Since it is now unused, remove the monster power calculation.
  3. Clarify further what parameters are being used and where in the object power calculation, to make rebalancing easier.

The added bonus I haven't mentioned here is that this allows us to throw away several hundred lines of code
Ok I can get behind this. The original intention was that the slay/brand power calculation was the first and easiest of a whole series of values calculated according to the power of monsters, which would eventually include mathematical approximations of the value of resists and FA etc. It doesn't look like anyone else is ever going to do this, and if I ever get around to it then putting the monster power code back will be the least of my challenges.
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