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Originally Posted by ripforareason View Post
Do I need to do anything other than edit artefact.txt, monster.txt, and the like?
Nope! Also, if you haven't yet you might want to see this old post ( to see how the existing rarities work in practice.

Actually, this topic might be worth more discussion. I tweak some rarities, too, but I also make a few more substantive tweaks (all to item properties). For example:

--) Quarterstaves automatically grant Leaping; are (2d1) hand-and-half weapons; can be found at lower depths.
Mainly a QoL change, but I find it's balanced the way shovels are balanced. You can navigate more of the dungeon at the cost of an inventory slot.

--) Rings of damage don't exist.
Rings of damage hurt both balance and immersion. They're flatly superior to rings of strength for an annoyingly metagame reason, and in virtue of this undermine the valuable but already tenuous role of weight in making weapons feel and function differently. But with the addition of Momentum, they don't need to exist. If you want to do more damage independently of the str/weight limit, wear a ring of accuracy.

--) Narsil does 2d5 damage but has sharpness instead of resistances; depth and rarity replaced with Saithnar's (see below).
Primary lore-motivated, in order to fit the image I have of Narsil (or really Anduril) from the books: it's a sharp weapon, not a resistance stick. It "fill[s] Orcs and Men with fear," and presumably not because their fire and cold attacks are less effective; it cleaves helmets in a flash of light; it slices off fingers even when broken. Gameplay-wise I'd really recommend it: it turns out to have a great feel.

--) Saithnar is now vampiric and a mithril greatsword (and hence virtually unfindable).
Since the Narsil change adds another sharp artefact, this one compensates by taking Saithnar out of circulation. Saithnar was always in an odd place, since it overlaps so much with the black blades; now, it joins Ringil and Celeg Aithorn in the realm of fantastically-rare mithril dream weapons.

--) Aranruth is more common (Narsil's original rarity).
Given how interesting an item Aranruth is, it's a shame that it's too rare to have an impact in most games.

Do other people make changes like this? Does anyone change monsters? If so, I'd be curious to hear them.
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