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Hi Andrew,

I saw that you updated the 3.41 Borg with a note about the birth.c and "some edits to allow the normal classes to be generated as defined by the borg.txt file".

I re-installed 3.41, the Borg and the Screensaver. It still generates a Kobold Paladin every new start, and generates a Kobold Paladin when the current character dies (in the Screensaver).

I also tried setting borg_respawn_race and borg_respawn_class to "1", which should be a Half Elf Mage. No luck, it still spawned a Kobold Paladin.

Ideally I would like to screensaver to recognize the "-1" (random) respawn options, so when I let it run for a long time I can see more results than just the Kobold Paladins. :-)

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