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Ring of Speed <+9> question

Hello there!

Newly registered, but I've been poking my head in here for a while, and after taking a few good stabs at Angband of various flavors over the years (I started with 2.7.8), I've finally decided to get "serious."

I've been following the Player's guide at rephial, and doing my dungeon diving with a High-Elf Ranger. I've died a few times just getting my bearings again; I had a great game going where my Ranger found a sling (+7, +5), but I died from phasedooring past a jammed door into a vault...

Anyway, let me get to my question. I managed to find a Ring of Speed <+9> lying on the floor at 50 feet (the level gave me a very good feeling). I've never even *seen* one of these before (I haven't been deeper than 1000'), so you can imagine the look on my face when I put it on (right after almost selling it un-ID'd to a merchant).

So! I find myself paralyzed at this moment. Knowing that there's no way I am going to beat the game on this particular run with my lack of experience, should I go ahead and sell the ring for the 20k gold that's being offered and try to get some gear with the money, or should I just keep the ring and keep going?

Twenty-thousand gold is a lot of gold for a level 4 character, even though there isn't anything really great for me in the stores right now...
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