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That's a fantastic find. Effectively doubles the damage you inflict, doubles your run away! run away! speed, halves the time it takes to close in on monsters with a range attack.

20,000 coins' worth of 'other stuff' really isn't going to do much for you: that money won't go far at the black market, and the good stuff simply isn't available outside the black market.

Not that long ago I found boots of speed +10 at around 700', and that sort of boost gets you down to 1500'+ almost without having to think (which is dangerous in itself, of course). The only problem monsters were orc uniques.

I'm not certain that it's a feature of the game but I've found that as a magic caster I nearly always find a high value prayer book in the first 1000', and as a prayer caster I nearly always find a high value magic book. With that money I'll start to stock up on my own books, restore potions etc etc on my returns to town. But you won't be selling the ring so it doesn't really matter

Re selling without ID, there are *no* cursed rings any more other than The One Ring (which really would be a find at 50'). Put it on and see what happens.
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