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Originally Posted by Oramin View Post
I personally find Rangers easy to play (as long as I don't get surprised by out of depth Ancient Multi-Hued Dragons breathing into my only resistance hole).
When you're having trouble getting much past 1000', ranger strengths aren't really coming into play all that much (and if you run into an AMHD then something has gone badly wrong!). They have less survivability than rogues or paladins without being appreciably better at spellcasting, don't have the stats to be really good at melee yet, and are generally too low-level to be getting their extra missile shots yet.

As for my Gnome Mage, I used to melee with him all the time; when I started, he frequently used a sling and a bow.
Again, melee in the early game? Maybe against trivially weak enemies, but generally melee as a mage in the before-statgain part of the game is a losing proposition. I mean, I know you play more cautiously than I do and thus will tend to be higher-level for a given depth, but I wouldn't think that'd be enough to make early melee remotely viable since you simply don't have the stats to back it up.
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