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Both fair comments.

Rangers have both Magic Missile and ranged weapons early on as well as decent melee capabilities. Because of the various damage choices and utility spells, I never really had a problem at early levels with my Rangers in 3.3.2 (CLVL35 and Winner).

With the Gnome Mages (CLVL1 and Winner), it would depend on the gear I had early on. If the melee weapon did significantly more damage than either spells or the ranged weapon, then I would sometimes melee even before stat gain. Most of the time, however, before stat gain, I would rely on spells or ranged attacks; frequently the ranged weapons would deal out more damage than low level spells even taking into account the poor ranged skills of Gnome Mages. That CLVL1 was when I tried to melee a Yellow Mold on L1 of the dungeon; inspired me to make sure that I carried a sling around the next Gnome Mage.
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