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Originally Posted by Freeya View Post
Rather than clog up the official thread, I'll make a new one with my thoughts.

Initial impression. Enemies on depth 50 hit VERY hard. If I didn't have a high con race I'd have died to the first enemy I encountered despite 11 melee 8 evasion (a plant). The spider poisoned me for 8 twice, that's a lot at depth 50 (although it's normal depth is 150, 2d6 is still a lot for that depth). Also despite my 8 evasion, and their very low melee, they rarely miss, while I miss more often than I would in Sil vs a similar enemy. So far I'm finding this significantly more difficult, which the manual said the high depths were meant to be easier.
Hrm. I have some bad news - none of this has changed from Sil 1.3 except the breeding spider. The breeding spider is slow, also, so if it's hitting you at all, it's every other turn. My additions are giving you a little extra stealth in the early levels and the skeletons, searchable with the comma key, which provide a little additional low quality protection. Orc archers are also the same. Three specials at 50' is very lucky but sometimes happens; I also haven't improved drop quality. Everything you have experienced you would experience in 1.3 if you played enough of each.

(Edit: ah, while I haven't improved drop quality in general, I have made a few things - crowns, sceptres, and daggers - more likely to be special, on the basis that they are rarely very useful in their default incarnations, and daggers and sceptres tend to be early drops.)

You are however right on a more fundamental level: the Sil early game can be brutal until you are sufficiently well equipped.

Channeling and Alchemy do both identify staves and horns. I have considered removing it from the latter but I am erring on the side of making the ID game easier to bypass.

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