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I've never had such a hard time on 50 so I probably was just unlucky. I didn't find any skeletons as of yet. All 3 specials were daggers, come to think of it.

I'm doing much better now (depth 350) I think one thing which didn't help was I had no armor at all until 100.

I did notice some enemies like the spider were slow.

I've never actually played Sil 1.3, only 1.1 and 1.2. When i got my tablet I went straight to Sil q. So that could be part of it.

Anyway I think the only thing I dislike so far really is the tons of skills needed to Id everything, yet 2 of them identify staves and 3 of them horns. It's hard to keep track of what identifies what, and I still don't know what will identify an artifact (enchantment?). I'm unsure which ones I'll get besides alchemy (if any). I'd consider putting lore master back in with a higher cost and 2-3 prerequisites. It was too cheap before.

The increased special on daggers is a really nice addition, I used the two handed one for awhile (I had no shields and used till I got subtlety). I don't know if you or 1.3 added the various extra monsters but I like the variety. The xp for fleeing on stairs is a nice addition.

I haven't acquired the first archery skill yet (the 3 extra Dex for fleeing) but it's on my list, and I'm sure it'll be a good one. I definitely have to think more about what skills to get besides my usual staples (finesse, zone of control, flanking, follow through, opportunist, assassination, rapid attack, whirlwind attack, either two handed or subtlety). Dodging was a staple but it's not a prerequisite, so I'm undecided but probably will pick it up. Other than those, your version definitely offers many more potential ways to go.

Are battle axes and great swords lower depths? I've had none so far. Might be a 1.3 change, too.
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