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Originally Posted by Freeya View Post
I'm doing much better now (depth 350) I think one thing which didn't help was I had no armor at all until 100.
Armour makes a huge difference in the early game. Unfortunately this does involve some amount of luck, though you can always forge a set at 100'. Since Artistry has gone and you can produce fine armour with the base skill, it's usually a much better set than you're likely to have picked up by then naturally.

Originally Posted by Freeya View Post
Anyway I think the only thing I dislike so far really is the tons of skills needed to Id everything, yet 2 of them identify staves and 3 of them horns.
Alchemy and Enchantment should ID everything between them; two skills, as in 1.3, though if you have both you'll also be able to craft enchanted items with any smithing skill. Buying Enchantment on its own requires investing to 5 points of Smithing and 500 XP, and this costs 2000 XP.

In Sil 1.3, buying Lore-Keeper and Lore-Master plus two other Perception skills would have been 500 + 1000 + 1500 + 2000; in Sil-Q, paying for two Perception skills, Alchemy and Enchantment is the same cost. More than two skills beside Alchemy and you're better off, less than two and you're paying more.

IDing items is generally less finicky than herbs and potions though and staves of Self-Knowledge and Understanding do quite a bit to help so generally I don't take Enchantment and I think most people find it skippable.

Originally Posted by Freeya View Post
The increased special on daggers is a really nice addition, I used the two handed one for awhile (I had no shields and used till I got subtlety). I don't know if you or 1.3 added the various extra monsters but I like the variety. The xp for fleeing on stairs is a nice addition.

I haven't acquired the first archery skill yet (the 3 extra Dex for fleeing) but it's on my list, and I'm sure it'll be a good one. I definitely have to think more about what skills to get besides my usual staples (finesse, zone of control, flanking, follow through, opportunist, assassination, rapid attack, whirlwind attack, either two handed or subtlety). Dodging was a staple but it's not a prerequisite, so I'm undecided but probably will pick it up. Other than those, your version definitely offers many more potential ways to go.
Glad you've been enjoying the changes! You should find that the usual longsword/bastard sword choices remain effective, if slightly weaker without Momentum, but other weapons have had some boosts as well. Polearms have both had their base stats boosted and Polearm Mastery strengthened, axes benefit strongly from Anticipate and blunt weapons will now do a portion of their damage through armour.

Originally Posted by Freeya View Post
Are battle axes and great swords lower depths? I've had none so far. Might be a 1.3 change, too.
Sil 1.3 has battleaxes marked to normally drop from 150' onwards and greatswords from 250'. Sil-Q adjusts both to normally drop from 200' on.

Longswords and bastard swords have been adjusted a little deeper - longswords dropped in 1.3 from 150' and bastard swords from 200' on, now longswords drop from 200' and bastard swords from 300'. The reasoning behind this was that longswords remain some of the most efficient weapons in the game (and more or less obsolete curved swords when they appear) and bastard swords act like more flexible greatswords (with a couple of exceptions around high strength characters and Impale).
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