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I didn't realize the 2 combined identified everything. I haven't found any understanding staves on any run yet (I've died several more times at shallower depth, definitely harder than 1.1.1 which I had been playing on my phone).

I'm used to doing finesse, zoc, flanking (dodging), then the Id skill(s), but I'm thinking I may change that to finesse, zoc, assassination, opportunist, alchemy. Issue there is then my evasion will be terrible. Perception I usually pick up keen senses (since this plus the will skill plus a lot of light is needed for enemies walking around with darkness), bane. In this version I'll add the 1/3 evasion one as the bonus outweighs extra points in evasion. Which means concentration too most likely.

One problem is anything with 2d4 (or better) protection is really difficult to kill until a longsword or 3dx weapon is found, especially the crit immune plants. I find myself generally avoiding them now, or equipping the curved sword.

Polearms are still 1d9 and 1d13 for spears/great spears.
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