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Originally Posted by Freeya View Post
One problem is anything with 2d4 (or better) protection is really difficult to kill until a longsword or 3dx weapon is found, especially the crit immune plants. I find myself generally avoiding them now, or equipping the curved sword.

Polearms are still 1d9 and 1d13 for spears/great spears.
Blunt weapons going through armour can help a lot with serpents; switching to a quarterstaff or sceptre brings them down quite fast. Curved sword also works. If you sneak up on e.g. a brood spider and catch it sleeping the criticals from a finesse spear can murder it fast (though rolling 5 or 6 on 4d11 is miserable).

Polearm boost was to the to hit. Spears are now up to 0, great spears +1, glaives - 1.
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