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It was a bit dodgy there for awhile without enough arrows and only one phase door during the DL20s and much of the DL30s, but I picked up some minor speed which helped lessen the need to phase away from danger. Things then were going really well as healing and phase doors started to accumulate and picked up some more minor speed for a total underweight speed of +9. All was going so well I started diving, picking targets as I pleased (Heroic stealth with ring of the mouse for most of the game). Started to get bored and eager to take on harder targets as I finally found some arrows and second book.

Ran into problems fighting Ar Pharazon due to aggressive summoners summoning nasty stuff that kept returning after being TO'd. Problematic because not only do I not have ESP but I have a swap for See Invisible (need regenerate helm to keep my mana and speed up). Discovered at some point that I had been playing for maybe 10 levels without Free action, too (much of the DL40s and all the DL50s).

I'll post a video soon of the mayhem as I bounce around a rapidly increasing danger level 59 trying to kill Ar Pharazon who kept picking up all my arrows.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.

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