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I found a GV on DL 36 recently and the amount of awesome treasures was pretty astounding. And I had just bought a rod of TO from the store. Too bad I didn't bring enough food and ended up starving 1/3 way into the vault and had to recall back home. Pretty dumb reason to not be able to explore an extremely rare vault for that depth. (It's the vault with the small rooms and the bottom part doesn't grant access to the rest of the vault).

While I like some of the new flavor changes in 4.2.0, a lot of the gameplay changes I'm having a hard time getting used to and thus am back to playing 4.1.3.

Things I like about 4.2.0:

white wraiths being much more dangerous,
intermediary monster speeds (ie. somewhat quickly)
different food types

Things I struggle to enjoy:
the ability to gorge so easily: I wish you could eat to 90% and anything you tried to eat that would bring you above 90% would prompt you "are you sure you want to eat that? It will make you gorged if you do"

Huorns and their kin (though less so the more powerful my @ gets).
overall ramp up of danger everywhere: too many monsters are terribly dangerous now. I enjoyed the old days when I could tackle monsters out of my depth by using lots of creative evasive and escaping maneuvers and kiting. Now when you try any of this stuff you just run into more just as dangerous stuff and end up dying or quitting the level (if you can).

All the nazgul being moved to the bottom of the dungeon. I miss running into them in the DL40s when I don't necessarily have the means to do deal with them.
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