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Honestly if you play no wilderness you're missing out on a few things, but from my experience nothing vital. As far as I can tell Normal has more quests and the variety of dungeons is really useful if you get stonewalled somewhere (I.e, missing some key high resists but over stacked on elemental ones? Do dragon dungeon instead of angband)

with no wilderness you miss out on both those things, There is also a special shop in one of the harder to reach towns that only sells dragon scale mail, and also wings, boots and helms. If that doesn't sound super cool or vital to you, feel free to play no wilderness.

That said, once you've been to a town you can quick travel there from any inn (except for Thalos where you have to finish a *hard* quest first) the island town is dangerous to reach but there's a birth option to make it easier to get to, and once you've been to a dungeon you can recall back and forth to it from town. it's very easy to have minimal travel in the wilderness.

And even then if you only travel in the day, and stick to roads it's rare you'll get ambushed. bring TP scrolls just in case and you can avoid fighting most that do hit you. (also remember < in town takes you to an overworld map for travelling between towns, Don't try to travel without it or you'll get lost and die)

As for easier vs. harder? that's hard to say, I personally find coffee mode much more difficult, I don't like forced descent. but I imagine you'll hear the opposite from others. also my understanding is Coffee-mode has reduced mob spawns and less loot drops but an increase in drop quality, so endgame gear is probably in a similar place. but if you have bad luck Swapping dungeons or grinding isn't an option.
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