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Having beaten Normal mode once (though admittedly with a buffed Rage Mage), and gotten down to the 90's a couple of times (even killed Oberon!) with Wilderness off, here's my impression:

1. The biggest problem with playing without wilderness is that you only have one of each type of shop. So if that shop doesn't have more healing potions, or is missing Monster Detection scrolls before you've gotten confusion resistance (screw you Variant Maintainer!) then you might be in trouble. In wilderness mode, because there's like 7 or so different shops, you're almost certain to find what you need.

2. Supposedly there's more scumming with Wilderness turned off, but I personally don't think that's true. I think the Wilderness just hides all the scumming you do with the multiple dungeons. If you look, there are a lot of dungeons, especially in the late teens to forties, that have overlapping dungeon levels. So instead of playing levels 10-20 in Angband ten times to get the gear you need, you explore six dungeons and do four quests each with a danger levels between 10 and 20.

3. You tend to get less overwhelmed by uniques in Wilderness mode. The uniques tend to be segmented by dungeon (i.e. you'll only run into the Camelot knights in Camelot or in Angband). There are a lot of uniques, so when you only have 100 dungeon levels, you'll be getting a lot of them showing up at once.

Personally, I prefer playing without Wilderness. I find the Wilderness to be more tedious than replaying some levels in Angband, and if I'm going to replay a dungeon level a bunch of times, I like to do it without the gimmicks and often unfriendly dungeon layouts that the Wilderness often throws at you. You spend less time shopping too.

I also must admit to a certain preference for the simplicity of a single dungeon with at most one town.

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