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24 hour Angband challenge

Hello all, just floating an idea.

Would there be any interest in a 24 hour Angband challenge?

One day to try to complete the game, or winner is whoever gets the furthest.

We all start at the same time and play until we have a winner or the clock runs out.

I'm aware we're all in different time zones, but we're Angband players so time is just something that happens somewhere else.

Not sure about rules, but I suppose we'd have to be fairly rigid about birth options and version of the game. Although I might suggest 4.2.3 to celebrate the new release.

Possibly we could stream, but it might be simpler to just post every time you hit each 10 clvls with a little bit of information and report.

Anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts and guage if there's any interest
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