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Stealth and monster sleep

In 4.0.5, stealth works essentially as follows:
  1. With stealth 0, a monster will always "wake up a bit" (ie have its sleep counter reduced) if the player is within it's scanning range. The chance of waking up a bit is reduced by 1/2 for every 3 points in stealth, so a character with +6 stealth has a 25% chance of reducing the monster's sleep counter, etc.
  2. The amount the sleep counter is reduced is 100/d, where d is the straight line distance between the monster and the player.

I have a vague feeling that it might be better to have the amount of sleep reduction affected by the stealth as well, but it's not a strong opinion. I am currently redoing monster pathfinding, so this seems like a good time to examine stealth.

So, what do people think? Is stealth working well currently? Is there an obvious improvement to make?
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