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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
The exponential curve is appropriate. The effects of each point of stealth is exactly as valuable as the previous (until you reach perfect stealth.) Every other function would have undesirable behavior at one end or the other of the power curve.
Is it really appropriate? When you say that each point is exactly as valuable as the previous point, what do you really mean? In practice stealth acts as a poorly-defined timer for each monster -- you have a certain number of turns (modulated by distance to the monster) before the monster wakes up. If you go from 5 turns to 10 turns with your first 3 points, then from 10 turns to 20 turns with your second 3 points, that's not exactly as valuable. Exactly as valuable implies a linear relationship, i.e. the second 3 points should have taken you to 15 turns.

Put another way, why is the utility of stealth plotted (and reasoned about) on a log-scale graph?
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