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Originally Posted by tg122 View Post
After 5 years, I finally have a winner. This time last year, I came close with a Dwarf Warrior but was carelessly killed while I was grinding for gear to try to kill Sauron. This time, Sauron wasn't much of a match and after grinding for gear and consumables for a few more hours, I decided it was time to face the big guy. I'm glad I did do some more grinding because those potions of life and scrolls of banishment/mass banishment saved me. I didn't use any destruction scrolls although I had a bunch on me. From all the comments I remember reading, I thought destruction was a must have, but I guess I didn't really see a need for it.
Congrats for winning.

For next time though: try to get more speed. +18 even with haste makes you vulnerable to double-moves from Morgoth, and if he chooses to use double-manastorm you die, also as warrior your saving throw never reaches 100% and successful mind blast slows you down to +18 from hasted +28 and that's really dangerous.

BTW, how does your chardump show speed +18 when your equipment gives you +27? That doesn't make sense. Odd. OTOH +27 is good permanent speed if you are careful against mind blast slowdown (I usually teleport M immediately away at that case and wait for slow to wear off).
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